Reproducible Worksheets & Activities

"Diggin' Through the Dictionary"

This worksheet provides practice in utilizing several dictionary skills:
guide words, parts of speech, multiple definitions, phonetic pronunciations, sylllables, word usage, and word history/origin.
"I Am..." Poem

The "I Am" poem is a specific type of form poem known as a "Biopoem". As with all form poems, it follows a prescribed structure which lends itself quite well to personal introspection. This structure can be easily applied to the exploration of characters in plays, novels and stories, as well.
Daily Planner

The following daily planner pages were designed specifically for use in an elementary classroom. There are five different templates available. (Monday-Friday) Each day has entry blanks for the date, eight subjects, (spelling, reading, writing, language, math, science, social studies, and homework) and the "Quote of the Day". (See "Quote of the Day" download below):
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
AR Summary Sheet

This worksheet was created to be a quick review tool for students prior to taking an Accelerated Reader test on a given book. This summarization activity is aligned with Arizona State standards as it requires the student to record the title, author, illustrator, publisher and copyright information of a book, as well as describe the setting, main characters and compose a brief summary of the storyline.
Personal Student Dictionary

     The personal student dictionary is a multi-faceted tool designed to assist students in their quest to master the art of spelling. The range of reference materials and information provided within, allows this booklet to effectively serve a wide range of students from grades 3 to 8.
     A page for each letter of the alphabet allows students to record assigned course words or those words which simply prove to be troublesome. Also within the booklet, students will find an alphabetized list of 1000 high-frequency spelling words, commonly found in 3rd through 9th grade texts. There are also vocabulary sections devoted to commonly used, and misspelled spelling words in mathematics (counting numbers through one hundred, ordinal numbers through one hundred, & mathematical operation terminology), geography (continents, oceans, countries, 50 states, and major U.S. cities), as well as calendar terminology (days, months, seasons, and noted holidays).
     The student will also find explanations for the use of seven different spelling word study strategies (LCSWC, Chunking, Exaggerated Pronunciation, Mnemonics, Words Within Words, Deconstruction, and Identifying Roots & Affixes). The presentation of these spelling strategies can easily be presented by the classroom teacher as spelling mini-lessons.
     Also provided within this booklet: 53 commonly used prefixes and suffixes with definitions, 59 commonly used abbreviations, vowel sounds and consonant sounds with their corresponding letter combinations, as well as a list of important English spelling guidelines.

     If you are printing your dictionary on a personal printer and do not have access to a copy machine which will make two-sided copies, you may wish to download this dictionary in two parts. First, download and print the front of each paper. Then feed the paper back through your printer to print the back side of each page: Front Sides, Back Sides
Penmanship Paper

This is simply 3/8 inch ruled (two solid & one dotted) penmanship paper, which has been created to serve as a transition tool between the primary penmanship paper with a descender and the intermediate penmanship paper without a dotted, middle guidleine.
Paper Rulers

These are a few reproducible, paper rulers for use in the classroom.
Daily Quotes

Coming Soon

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